10 Holiday Remembrance Activities

10 Holiday Remembrance Activities

Grieving During the Holidays

10 Things to do to remember your loved ones over the Holidays:

Feelings of grief can intensify during the holiday season, not only due to these losses, but the pressure of social expectations, traditions and norms that place a high value on the sanctity of family and togetherness that may neither be realistic nor desirable for an estranged or ostracized family member.

  1. If the growing season allows, plant a shrub in memory and honor of your loved you to function as a living reminder of the love that you take on your center throughout Christmas, also all year, despite your own loss.
  2. Move outside and exercise, specially after much holiday supper, simply by walking the road or visiting the playground you connect to your pet.
  3. Belongings: After a loss, it might be tough to spend your family member’s belongings. The holiday season poses the ideal chance to give away a number of these matters, particularly if you’re someone who wants to be certain old paintings visit good homes.
    • Wrap up a couple of your loved one’s old ideas and offer them to relatives members and friends that will love them. Compose a card letting the receiver of this present to know why you opted to let them have this specific product. I guarantee they are going to love the gift and also the opinion.
  4. Donate to a cause in your Family Member’s name: Try and decide on a charity, your cherished you might have affirmed. Throughout Christmas, churches and places of worship, local food pantries, homeless shelters, soldiers and their loved ones, assisted living facilities, along with ‘Toys for Tots’ are very busy. 
  5. Is I bought a stocking with a poodle on it. And I typed up every Christmas memory I could think of with her. Then I keep the list in the stocking and each year I read it…. (did the same for the rest of my family)…kinda helps me feel connected.
  6. perhaps you could make a plate of your pets’ most favorite foods as an offering to them in heaven. A food offering is often done in Asia. Afterwards, food can be burned or buried and in some cultures it is eaten. “However, before you take a bite of that delicious-looking offering, consider this statement from restaurateur Maria de Jesus Monterubbio: “It is believed that if you took a bite of any of the foods that are on the altar after Day of the Dead, the food has no flavor anymore because the spirit has already eaten it.””
  7. you could get each of your 3 goldens a gift from Rio for each of his buddies for them to open.
  8. Send a message to the Rainbow Bridge by writing then burning your notes to your loved ones.
  9. Buy a toy for a pet in need. “Retail therapy” doesn’t last, and gifts soon lose their luster; however, when we give to people or pets in need, that feeling sticks with us for longer. 
  10. care of yourself: Attend a workshop or service group for folks working with a loss throughout Christmas. Bear in mind your loved you might have wanted you to get the service that you require.

Susan, instead of thinking of ‘moving on without Rio’ it can be helpful to reframe it as ‘moving on with Rio’. Rio will always be with you. Putting up his ornament may be painful at first, but remembering him and talking about him in future holidays will get easier and more “merry” as we remember treasured memories.