10 Things to do to personalize your memorial to your Pet.

10 Things to do to personalize your memorial to your Pet.
  1. Pet Funeral or Celebration of Life

    You can even plan and carry out your own pet at home. This can involve studying poems or Scripture poetry, performing a memorial craft with the whole household, and developing a gorgeous memorial at the burial site with blossoms, a pet grave marker, and more. There are lots of pet cemeteries that are going to assist you in getting a funeral ceremony for the pet. To discover if you have one near you, just do an online search for “pet in [your location]”. Even you can contact pet loss support groups online.

  2. Bury (or Cremate) Your Pet with Dignity

    Burial at home is also a popular option as it’s a lot more affordable and it keeps your pet shut. It’s possible to gather your loved ones, neighbors, along with close friends and have a small funeral to honor your pet, then bury or scatter their ashes in a special place in the yard. Mark it with a custom stone or create your own headstone out of wood. In case you have kids, make certain to call them in the process. Kids take the passing of a pet to heart and being involved in the funeral and burial process with aid them grieve. You can bury your pet at a nearby pet cemetery, or within your own property. Again, to come across pet cemeteries and funeral homes, only do an internet search or contact pet loss support groups online for “pet cemetery in [your area].” Not all places have the choice, which means you may also think about contacting your neighborhood conventional funeral house to learn what choices they have for your pets. The same thing goes with pet ashes after cremation; you could bury them in a cemetery or in the home. What’s more, and part of what makes pet cremation very popular, is that you can continue to keep the stays in a beautiful pet cremation urn. This can be a really unique way to honor your pet’s life.

  3. Plant Trees in Memory of Your Pet

    There are numerous techniques to plant a tree in the memory of the pet. You can plant a memorial tree in your backyard, in local parks or other public lands (with permission, of course), or possess a memorial tree planted at a national forest in your pet’s memory. This last option is great since it helps restore areas of our national forests which have been ravaged by forest fires, and you receive certification and the true GPS location and photos of wherever your pet’s tree was planted.

  4. Grow a Tree from Your Pet’s Ashes

    The urns come with many diverse possibilities for trees such as dogwood, cherry, walnut, palm, oak, and more. There’s even an option to add your own seeds, which you may use with any plant or flower of your selection. As mentioned above, there are numerous approaches to plant a tree in memory of the pet. Pictured above is the Museum shrub Urn, which comprises your pet’s cremated ashes to help nourish and grow a tradition tree. That’s a fairly neat way that they can “live on” in your memory card.

  5. Pet Memorial Stones

    Pet memorial stones are small-to-medium-sized rocks or granite slabs that you place in the ground. These are used either to mark the pet’s burial spot or simply as an outdoor memorial tribute. Many families place a memorial stone in a garden, flower bed, somewhere the pet enjoyed resting, or in a location easily visible from the porch or window.

    The adorable pet memorial stone pictured above includes personalization of your pet’s name and dates, an “In Loving Memory” inscription, and puppy paw prints. It’s made from resin, ships quickly, and is very affordably priced as well.

  6. Personalized Pet Memorial Bird Feeder

    There’s something distinctively life-affirming about a memorial bird feeder. Since the birds flutter around, discovering nourishment and smelling and looking amazing, your mind will be drawn to all the wonderful memories that you shared with your cherished pet. The feeder is made from real cedar wood directly here in the USA and contains customization of your furry friend’s name and more. This is only one of our favorite pet memorials.

  7. Pet Memorial Photo Album

    You probably have a thousand photos of your pet. Playing, sleeping, snuggling, and getting into all the mischief a pet is prone to get into.

  8. Pet Memorial Portraits

    There is an enormous gulf which separates a fantastic pet portrait from a photo of your pet. Pictures are excellent and catch an instant in time in a distinctive manner. Portraits are another kind of artwork that conveys not merely a moment, but instead, a collection of minutes dried into a single image. In case you’ve got a longing to catch your pet’s character in a single memorial, you may want to commission a pet memorial portrait.

  9. Turn Their Collar or Leash Into a Memorial Bracelet

    Based upon the size of the collar and your creativity, it will not be too difficult to transform their collar to some memorial bracelet. A leash will take a bit more doing but it’s the identical idea. You’ll feel a constant link to their memory every single time you put on your own DIY pet bracelet. Pet loss support groups online unleash those memories by giving you support and ideas to overcome the loss. 

  10. Get a Pet Memorial Tattoo

    Depending on how big the collar and your creativity, it won’t be too hard to change their collar to some costume. A leash will take a bit more doing, however, it’s exactly the same idea. You will feel a continuous link to their memory every time you put on your own DIY pet bracelet. This may be a simple, small script of their pet’s name on your shoulder or some big and comprehensive illustration of your favorite moments together covering your whole… well, everywhere. There are a lot of creative ideas out there.

    If that’s too big of a step, or in case you don’t like needles, you can even get temporary tattoos made. Hand them out to family and friends to demonstrate their support although your family mourns the loss of your pet. Your children will certainly love this particular pet memorial idea.


The Pet Loss Support Groups Online is here for you to discuss the devastation of your loss and the eventual understanding of how your beloved Baby affected your life.