Cinema Is For The Pups!

Cinema Is For The Pups!

2018 is the year for our four-legged friends in cinema. So far, we’ve seen “Benji”, “Pandas”, “Brothers of the Wind” and many more hit the big screen. These films bring laughter, tears, and excitement to our friends and family. I am looking forward to this month’s films, “Dog Days”, “Alpha”, and “Pick of the Litter”. Let’s see what these movies are really about along with my expectations and excitement rating.

Dog Days (August 8th)

Released on August 8th, “Dog Days” is a comedy focused on twelve people and four dogs. Each dog and person has his/her own story and personal connections with one another. The dogs are the links between people and their relationships. The dogs draw me to this film. Just like actors and actresses, each dog puts on a performance worthy of a standing applause. Secondly, many people are raving over the cast members including, Finn Wolfhard, Nina Dobrev, and Vanessa Hudgens. If these actors are in your top twenty, I say give this movie a shot. Lastly, it appears to be a light-hearted comedy for any age.

Excitement Rating: 7/10
When I’ll be Watching: Wednesday, August 15th

Alpha (August 17th)


After viewing the first trailer, my expression was “wow”. This is a film to look forward to, and I’ll be first in line Friday morning at the theater.  It tells the story of survival and friendship and recaps thousands of years of domestic dog training in two hours. Words cannot describe this film more than the trailer itself.

Excitement Rating: 10/10

When I’ll be Watching: Friday, August 17th

Pick of The Litter (August 31st)


This is another film that is at the top of my list. It is a documentary style about young pups who train and grow into service dogs. Service dogs are responsible for their human’s life. Therefore, only a few may past. Some may be outstanding while others have personalities not suited for the service life. It will be interesting to see how service dogs are trained and how they form unique bonds with their owners.

Excitement Rating: 9/10

When I’ll be Watching: (August 31st)

Comment below and let me know which film you’re dying to see!

Peace Out!