“Grooming is the Best!” Said No Dog Ever

“Grooming is the Best!” Said No Dog Ever

“Grooming is the Best!” Said No Dog Ever

There are two kinds of people: those who take their pup to the groomers and those who think they are the groomer. I am a little bit of both. When it comes to grooming your pet at home, include these four hacks in your routine. A little DIY goes a long way!


  1. The kitchen isn’t the only place for cornstarch. Sprinkle it on matted hair then brush for an easy detangle or use it as a dry shampoo on oily areas of your dog’s fur before washing.

Stay-In-Wash Bathing Restraint

  1. If you have a hyper friend or one who hates baths, try a Pro Guard Dog Grooming Stay-N-Wash Tub Restraint. It suctions to your shower/tub wall and helps keep your pup from jumping out every 5 minutes!

Not Up for Batching Restraints?

  1. Try a simpler remedy for hyper dogs such as bathing and grooming after a long day out, three-mile run, or a heavy play date. Your baby will be tired and will likely give in to being beautified.

Coconut Oil for Dry Skin

  1. Coconut oil is great for your furbaby. If your pup has rough paw pads and a dry, scaly nose, use coconut oil for a smooth, soft touch.

Overall, it’s about finding the best hacks that work well for your home routine. It is important your baby looks beautiful and feels his or her best.

Peace Out!

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