Group Support Programs

Share With Others Who Understand.
Grow and Heal Together.

8-Week Grief Support Program

Work through grief with others who are also grieving losses of their own. 

Our group grief support programs are designed to help release your grief over the coming weeks. We learn about grief, how we personally react to it, all while processing this intense pain of saying goodbye together with activities specifically designed to help let go of the pain.

It’s recommended to register and reserve your spot ahead of time so that we can be sure you have time to speak, tell your story, and ask your questions.

These groups are different from our weekly Sunday Support Groups. They are designed to delve much deeper into our personal grieving experience to help us work through specific problems.

  • 8-Week Program
  • 1-Hour Weekly Sessions
  • 5 Other People Per Group
  • Learn About Grief
  • Identify Grief Triggers
  • Discover Ways To Manage Grief
  • 3-Month PetCloud Membership Included
  • $295

Grief shared is grief lessened.

In deep grief there is seldom better comfort than the companionship of others who understand loss and sadness. It is such a comfort and blessing to know that we don’t have to grieve alone.

Join us.
Find the support you've been searching for.