Here’s to Goodbyes, but We’ll Meet Again

Here’s to Goodbyes, but We’ll Meet Again

Working as a Marketing Contractor for PetCloud was a learning experience in many positive ways.

PetCloud is social media for every pet you’ve loved in your lifetime. Social media is continuously growing and so is the pet market. Put the two together and you have a successful start-up spreading through the southeast. PetCloud supports your local pet shelters through your donations. And PetCloud is opening the doors to making pet bereavement an open discussion, to removing the stigma associated with pet loss and healing the pet loss depression.

I say all of this because it is a special company to work for. You meet pet owners who have lost their furry loved one and you meet owners who love and care for their pet as their own child. Some are going through pet loss depression or some are having a tough time. Each person I met left an impression. It is one thing I will miss about this position.


There are many people who come together to celebrate our four-legged friends. Without these people, donations and events such as Strut Your Mutt Atlanta, Ahimsa House 5k, and Fido Spring Fling would not be possible. PetCloud, vendors, and employees, work together to raise money for important causes such as The Humane Society of Tennessee Valley and Best Friends Society. We work together to spread awareness about important issues from adoption services to Ahimsa House’s service of saving domestic violence victims with pets.

As we say, PetCloud is a place for your whole pet family. This shines through our funny and sarcastic Facebook post to informative newsletters. From Yorkies to German Shepards, sharing these cute babies is what we do.

This was a great job experience. This isn’t a farewell, just a goodbye!

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