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Pet Grief Counseling(One-on-On)

Private Live Video Pet Grief Counseling

Open-to-the-public and group counseling sessions don’t work for everyone. If you prefer the privacy and direction of a private counseling session, our Pet-Loss & Bereavement Counselors are here to help.
Journey through your grief and recovery with the help and guidance of an expert Pet-Loss & Bereavement Counselor. One-on-One Counseling is a bit more hands-on in that there are personalized take-home assignments designed specifically for your grieving needs and individual recovery.


Pet Grief Counseling(One-on-One)

We all heal in different ways, and One-on-One counseling might not work for you and your specific needs. We can help you discover how you learn and grow best personally and professionally.

Do you benefit from the input of others?
Do you feel strongest with one-on-one attention?
Are you ready to play an active role in your healing?

If you’re wondering if a PetCloud One-on-One Counseling session is the right format for you,  schedule a free 15-minute consultation to find out more today.

Benefits Of PetCloud One-On-One Counseling

Private & Personal

Receive custom advice, tools, and assignments individually tailored for your loss and unique grieving needs.

Fully Online

Our online video format means that you can meet in the privacy of your own home, in your office, in a park, or wherever is most comfortable for you to grieve and share.

Expert Attention

Benefit from the private & inclusive nature of an expertly-led session.

Traditional Format

Partake in the traditional and familiar therapy format.

Do you have a question not answered here?

You don’t have to be a member to ask us your questions on grief.

Private Counseling Sessions


Individual, Private Online Video Chat Counseling Session
$50 per 30 Minutes

30/60/90 Minute Sessions Available
Access to PetCloud’s Daily Open Group Chatrooms
Personalized Grief Activities
Fully online!

What to Expect

If you’ve seen a therapist or psychiatrist in the past, you have the basic understanding of a One-on-One Pet Grief Counseling session. We recommend starting your sessions with an open mind.

Be ready to share and listen. Often times, we shut ourselves off from help or suggestions while grieving. It is important to listen to your counselor’s advice and play an active role in your own healing.


Private Counseling Session
$50 Weekly Session

This short 30-minute private counseling session best suited for those that already have a good handle on their grief recovery. New grievers are recommended to the 60/90 minute sessions.


Private Counseling Session
$100 Weekly Session

This 60-minute counseling session is your chance to really release your grief, frustrations, and work through your guilt in a private and comfortable setting.


Private Counseling Session
$120 Weekly Session

This 90-minute private session will really give you the time to delve into whatever is on your heart and mind from week to week.

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