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PetCloud Membership Program

PetCloud is a permanent home for your pet loss support. Once you create your pet’s profile, you’ll have access to it forever.
We are more than just a collection of memories. We are a community. We are here to support one another through our grief. Members of our community all make the same promises to themselves and each other.
Your membership gives you access to build pet berievement, share pictures, connect with the PetCloud community to reduce your grief, visit our support chatrooms, and learn & grow in your grief, on your own time.

We in the PetCloud community promise to

Support One Another

As we travel through grief, through the ups & downs of loneliness, isolation, unbearable sadness, and hollow laughter, let’s do it together

Provide Validation

Our feelings are real, valid, rational, above all they are normal. Sometimes, even our closest friends & family don’t understand what it is like to losing a pet.


Give Encouragement

Celebrate the little victories that we have. We can find happiness, meaning, and gratitude – even in the deepest sorrows.


Grieve at our Own Pace

When our support network in “real life” expects us to just get over it, we can become further isolated. There is no finish line for grief. We all grieve differently, and at our own pace here.

Take Care of Ourselves

We make sure that we are taking care of ourselves as best as possible. That means eating, drinking water, light movement, and getting rest.

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