~ Baggage ~

My bag is all packed,
I'm ready, set, go.
Nothing packed that I wanted,
There's space for so much more.

No, I haven't packed what I like
Not happy thoughts,
Nothing pleasant like that.
I've packed the grief from yesteryear,
This yearning and pleading for more.

My bag is so heavy,
So hard to drag and hold
Yet, I've been dragging it around everywhere with me
Or so I've been told

I've been lugging it left, lugging it right
Carry it everywhere I go, to no one's delight.
I'm so tired, my arms are so sore
Whatever should I do?

I know. I'll package it up
All neat and all tidy
Then that bag and I will go on a drive
Together, just a while

But what if, on this special trip...
It took a special nighty-nighty?
Suppose I were to leave that bag
To Say I'm Sorry, I Love You, and Cry?
Put it down, walk on by, and go?

Go back home,
Guilt free, grief free, anger free,
And perhaps a tad happy?
To be at peace with what I have...
for everything else?

Like our best vacations,
I could always revisit my bag
My grief, my shame, and my rage
Conveniently packaged so neat, and so tidy
Left in my special place
Where I always know where to go
(should it ever be needed)


This week I thought I'd picture grief as this weight that we carry with us. When we wake up in the morning, it's the first thing we grab and hold onto. It's also the last thing that we think about before we put it down right before we go to sleep. 

But what would it look like to be able to let that weight go during the day? Perhaps, put it down all together? To let go of everything that we've been carrying and holding onto from last year? What would it feel like to process and let that grief go? 

Progress through grief is a series of small and correct choices that we make everyday. Come and share today if you'd like to start the new years off right by taking charge of our baggage.

Weekly Journaling Prompt

Write about something you're looking forward to this coming year, and this month. If we can't think of anything or have nothing planned, let's write about a fantasy vacation. Wherever you'd most like to go, and with whomever.