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Pets Are Family

They are also our friends, support systems, and confidants wrapped in one. They are by our side, always present and eager to support us through good times and especially the bad times.

The loss of a beloved pet is one of the most painful experiences we can face. Not only have we lost our companion and friend, but oftentimes we also lose the only constant positive support and comfort we have in our lives.

Grief is normally very isolating. Those of us who are grieving during this pandemic have discovered new found meaning for loneliness. It leads many people down a darker path of social and physical isolation. Especially now, we need that comfort and support from those who understand this loss. Those who have gone through this pain. We don’t have to do this alone!

At PetCloud, we host virtual support groups that meet throughout the week to provide critical grief support when YOU need it. Grief strikes during the day without warning. Knowing you have people who you can contact provides comfort, understanding, validation, and perhaps a measure of peace during your journey through grief.

Your Grief is Normal and Natural

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You are not going crazy. This grief is real and intense. The bond we share with our pets is a different level of intimacy than we will share with most other humans. They are in our lives by our sides, from the best of times and through the worst of times.

This is a hard goodbye. For many, you might be feeling guilt, anger, loneliness, and on top of everything else, oftentimes, our friends and family just don’t understand this level of pain. Although they may mean well, they often can say things that are very hurtful, like “Are you still sad about that?”, or “When are you going to get another pet?”

You don’t have to go through life stuck in grief, or pretending that you are okay, or trying to be strong. You deserve to grieve. You should be allowed to grieve. We allow you the space, tools, and community to do just that. Grieve and honor your loss in a way that is specific to you and the relationship that you have lost.

Every Sunday we host two free online pet loss support groups. Come discover just how comforting it can be to be around other people who have also lost and who share our profound love for those pets we've lost.

Donations Greatly Appreciated

Your donations help keep the lights on and
provide this service for everyone. 



Donations Greatly Appreciated

Your donations help keep the lights on and provide this service for everyone. 



Special Grief & Guilt Courses

Special programs we've designed to help us through the worst of grief, guilt, anger, and letting go of this terrible pain. 

Grief Release Program

10-Week Course

Manage Grief & Release Pain

Guilt 101

6-Week Course

Let Go Of Guilt & Anger

More Resources and Information

What to Say to Children

Talking to your kids about pet loss is not an easy topic to bring up, especially if you’re not used to it yourself! Remember, they feel the loss, pain, and grief just like you do.

Anticipatory Bereavement

Knowing that a loved one is dying can be the hardest thing to watch, let alone prepare and plan for. Learn how to cherish each day and monitor your pet’s quality of life.

Lost & Missing Pets

This is a different support group that meets weekly specifically for those  of us whose pets have gone missing. Join us to talk about searching, hope, and taking care of ourselves.

How to Support a Grieving Friend

What do you say and do to help a friend or family member who has recently had a loss? Learn what to say (and not say!) to support those you love.

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