Pet Loss Support Groups
All Of Our Different Support Groups

Always Free And Open To All

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Sunday Support Groups

Free Weekly Support Groups
Open for anyone grieving the loss of a pet.

Lost & Missing Pet Support Groups

Free Weekly Support Group For Those Whose Pets Have Gone Missing.
Open for anyone with a lost or missing pet.

Quality-of-Life / End-of-Life Groups

Free Weekly Support Group To Help With Managing End Of Life Decisions
Open for anyone with an elderly or sick pet.

Daily Support Groups

Pet Loss Support Groups
Monday - Friday
2:30pm & 5:30pm Pacific

Grief Release Program

12-Week Grief Release Program
Learn about grief, how to take care of ourselves, and how to let go of the pain.

Guilt & Anger 101 Program

8-Week Guilt & Anger Release Program
Learn about guilt, blame, shame, regret, self-compassion, and forgiveness.

Individual Pet Loss Support

Everything we do in groups we also do on an individual basis. Feel free to schedule as many of these as you need. We have package deals too if you think you'll want multiple sessions.