About Us

Founded in 2016

Kevin Ringstaff

Founder, Speaker, Listener

My name is Kevin Ringstaff, and I am the founder of PetCloud. I spend my days talking about grief and educating people on how to support their friends, family, and co-workers through their grief. Mostly though, my daily job is to listen to the stories of love and loss by other people.

I recently moved to San Francisco to build and grow this community into a place where anyone, anywhere can come and share their grief and get support from others who really do understand the pain and anguish we go through when we lose someone we love.

Through my studies and counseling over the years, I’ve learned quite a lot about grief. It’s safe to say that as a society, we all have a tendency to hold on to grief. It’s awkward and uncomfortable to talk about. We feel like we might be judged especially if we tell other people how much we are hurting because of our losses.

I got into this business because of a loss of my own, Henry “Fats” Rothschild “Henry”, who was my furry orange monstrosity of a cat. When I lost him, I didn’t have anyone in my life that I really felt comfortable talking with about that kind of grief. So, like I did with most grief in my life, I just pushed it down and held it in. I went on like this for a long time until I found out about the Association for Pet Loss & Bereavement (www.aplb.org), started by Dr. Wallace Sife. I got certified as a pet loss bereavement counselor through their program, and I’ve been helping people ever since.

Since that time, I've gone on to become a registered Pet Chaplain and a certified Grief Recovery Specialist ® through the Grief Recovery Institute. I'm always reading and studying more about grief and looking to speak to anyone who will listen.

Meet My Pet Family

A short list of the pets who I have been blessed to share my life with.

When I’m not working, I like to spend time with my own pets! I have one gigantic furbaby, Sir William Broderick “Brody”, my Old English Sheepdog, who is my furry rock. I also have a wonderful and mischievous cat, Ponce de León “Ponce”, who, like the 15th century famous Spanish explorer, spends his days exploring and sticking his nose into other people’s business. His brother and littermate, Blazefire “Blazer”, recently passed away and I still think about him every day.

The last addition to my household is my Chilean rose tarantula, Lucifer “Lucy”, who I purchased on a whim over Halloween 7 years ago, and apparently she can live up to 30 years! She pretty much sits in her elaborate terrarium and spins her silk ground webs and waits patiently for crickets to drop magically from the sky. What a life!

Henry "Fats" Rothschild

Henry was my first cat as an adult, and he was a orange furball of fluff and delight. I lost him when he got out of the house and ran away.


Blazer, aka Blazefire, brother to Ponce de León, was my tuxedo short-haired rescue kitty. He died from a heart attack in 2019 when he was 2 years old.

Sir William Broderick

Brody is my Old English Sheepdog and the first and only dog I've ever "owned". He just celebrated his 13th birthday. Here's to many more.

Ponce de León

Ponce is the current furball in my life, and for anyone joining in our Sunday Support Groups or other Grief Programs, you'll definitely see him in the background.