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Grief is an uninvited visitor that almost never leaves. Through our grief, we often forget that grief is universal. We all feel it in some form or another. The unfortunate truth is, we live in a culture that promotes grief-avoidance. Emphasis is placed on showing strength and emotional restraint. It can be difficult to manage the expectations of society and the reality of your grief.
Losing a pet is a particularly painful event, and so often, these losses are not given the space for proper grieving.
If you’re looking for Support, Validation, Community, Companionship, Understanding, Sympathy, Compassion, or just someone who will listen to your story of loss, you’ve come to the right place. PetCloud is a community of like-minded pet lovers who have gone through the same hard goodbye. We know the extreme emotional distress lossing a pet brings into our lives.
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Do I Need Support In My Grief?

Whether you’ve JUST lost your companion or it’s been weeks or months, our community can be very helpful. Our individual and group sessions offer you a place and space to share, listen, and learn about the actionable steps you can take to manage your grief in a healthy manner.

    • Are you unable to talk to friends or family because they just don’t understand?
    • Do you find it difficult to enjoy everyday activities that used to bring you happiness?
    • Do you feel like there is a gap widening between yourself and the rest of the world?
    • Do you spend large amounts of time yearning to be with your pet again?
    • Are you unable to concentrate, sleep, eat, or engage in life?
    • Are you feeling immense guilt over a mistake or decision to euthanize?

These are all common symptoms of pet loss grief, and they are all manageable. Discover for yourself the freeing release that comes from sharing your grief.

Benefits of Grief Support

Humans are social animals. We have an instinctive need to belong, have our voices heard, and give and receive nurturement. When we have a death of pet, it can seem that the rest of the world is moving on, while we are stuck in place.

It can feel like those around you don’t experience grief, but the truth is loss levels the playing field for everyone. We all become instantly equal.

Sharing our grief with others is an extremely powerful tool. Groups in particular help us better understand our situation by providing real-life examples and open discussions about living with loss and grief. When we see that other people are suffering just like we are, it helps validate our own feelings of loss. It helps us give ourselves permission to grieve.

Every one can master a grief but he that has it.

– William Shakespeare

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