Kevin Ringstaff

Memory Lane

~ Memory Lane ~ I stroll down memory lane for many reasons …mostly because… I love running into you. ~Kevin~ I like the idea of taking a leisurely stroll down memory lane to see what special memory nuggets come up. For me, I have a solid 10 memories or so that I can always think …

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~ Baggage ~ My bag is all packed, I’m ready, set, go. Nothing packed that I wanted, There’s space for so much more. No, I haven’t packed what I like Not happy thoughts, Nothing pleasant like that. I’ve packed the grief from yesteryear, This yearning and pleading for more. My bag is so heavy, So …

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Quiet Nights

~ Quiet Nights ~ In The Quiet Of The Night My Thoughts Drift To You My Dreams Take Flight And When They Do My Spirit Shines My Spirit Soars Alongside You ~Kevin~ For me, quiet nights generally bring time to reflect. Reflecting on this year on what it brought my way, I think about where …

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Empty Stockings

~ Empty Stockings ~ Empty Stockings & Empty Hearts Hang Heavy On Mantles One Less Gift To Wrap One Less Tree To Protect Lights Sparkle Lesser So Than They Did Just A Year Ago No Gift Could Replace The Furry Kindness Of Your Face No Carols Exists To Fill This Cheerless Space The Greatest Gift …

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My Snowflake

~ My Snowflake ~ I hope you’ve had a peaceful week. Today I thought we could reflect just a bit on just how special our pets were to us.  Also, I know holidays are tough when we’ve had a loss. It’s hard to be holly & jolly when we are neither holly nor jolly, yet …

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Grieving Through The Holidays

Grieving Through The Holidays We’re ½ way through the holiday season this year! We only have this month and then we’ve made it through. So, today I thought I’d finish up talking about grieving through the holidays. What can we do if we know it’s going to be a tough time? Get Started Today

Happy Holidays

“Happy” Holidays Those We Love Are Always With Us ~ Even if we can’t see ~ Thanksgiving was this week, and I know it was hard for many of us. I hope you found a small measure of comfort to help; we’re almost through the season.   This week I made a mini-collage with a few …

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