Kevin Ringstaff

Growing Up

Growing Up — One of the things I like about our post this week is not that we want to be pets, but that we give them so much peace and love that they want for nothing. That absolute comfort and peace is something that we provided…everyday. And now, that peace is disrupted.    Growing …

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Our Game

Our Game — One of the things that we miss most are the games that we play. Hide & seek, laser light, and of course all the tricks we pulled. All those lazy days and time spent just playing together. Even though it hurts right now, it can still bring comfort to reconnect with the …

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A Special Thanks

A Special Thanks — They say that eyes are the window to the soul. Anyone who has stared into an animal’s eyes and seen a unique love and soul reflected back can attest to that. Those eyes are deep; they have held every pain, every pleasure, every experience that we’ve had during our time together. …

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Remembrance — Let’s think back to all the memories and treasures we still hold dear. These things never really leave us; they exist alongside this love of ours, which will also never leave us.  Today, let’s gather, share this love, and make our grief slightly less difficult for each other. Join us if you’d like …

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Self Forgiveness

Self Forgiveness Today I thought I’d talk more about self-forgiveness, guilt, regret, and all the ways that we seem to beat ourselves up after a loss. Tune in to learn more and a few practical things that we can do to help.  Get Started Today