Kevin Ringstaff

Poochie Prenups

Poochie Prenups What happens to your pets if you get a divorce? Today, I’m speaking with Lili Vasileff from Weath Protecion Management about what to do if you find yourself in this situation. Join us to learn more about this very specific type of loss. Lili Vasileff Wealth Protection Management 203-622-4911 If you’re …

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Open Online Memorial Ceremony

Open to the PublicOnline Memorial Ceremony Join us, Saturday April 3rd at 5:00pm PST, 8:00pm EST, to remember, honor, and celebrate the pets that we’ve lost this past year. Let’s also acknowledge our grief, our sadness, and our struggles as may of us have had to grieve silently and alone. Save Your Spot! Learn More!

Anticipatory Bereavement Support Groups

*NEW* Anticipatory Bereavement Support Groups Anouncing our weekly support groups just for those going through anticipatory bereavement. In these groups, we talk about quality-of-life, planning, euthanasia, aftercare, and how to take care of ourselves. For more information, please visit our quality of life guide page. Quality of Life Page Get Started Today