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Anticipatory Bereavement Support Groups

*NEW* Anticipatory Bereavement Support Groups Anouncing our weekly support groups just for those going through anticipatory bereavement. In these groups, we talk about quality-of-life, planning, euthanasia, aftercare, and how to take care of ourselves. For more information, please visit our quality of life guide page. Quality of Life Page Get Started Today


The ability to self-clean and do self-care is so important for our pets. If your pet is no longer able to clean themselves or control their bowels, it can quickly create additional issues in the house. Incontinence is a big annoyance, and many people can feel guilty over the natural annoyance they have when they …

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Our animals will gradually lose their mobility as they age. Their ability to jump into a favorite chair, get up and down stairs, and even go for a walk may start being painful for them. For many animals, this can be a minor nuisance. However, for larger animals it can quickly become an issue for …

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How much pain are they in? Can you tell? You can pick up clues by watching their posture and expression. Animals, generally, hide their pain very well. You can pick up clues by watching their posture and expression. If they are defensive about a certain part of their body, if they growl or hiss during …

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Not being able to breathe is just as terrifying for your pet as it is for you. This is the most important metric in QOL to watch. Trouble breathing can be associated with heart disease or heart failure. Watch for these signs: ✔   Increased Effort To Breath, Panting, or Labored Breathing ✔   Restlessness, Agitation, and …

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