Sunday Posts

These are the weekly emails, quotes, and pictures we create for our Sunday groups.

Just Gone

~ Just Gone ~ 3/19/23~ Kevin ~ How Are You Just Gone? Gone From Your Spot… Gone From Your Bowl… Gone From My Future… I’m One Too Few I Never Imagine Life Without You We were talking this week about the giant hole that’s left in our lives when we lose our pets that’s been …

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Another Dream

~ Another Dream ~ 3/13/23~ Kevin ~ I Had Another Dream About You Last Night Where I Hugged & Kissed & Held You Tight If I Wish & Hope WIth All My Might Maybe Eternity Will Be All Right W’ve been talking this week about dreams and the power that they have. Many people want …

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Just A Moment Ago

~ Just A Moment Ago ~ 2/26/23~ Kevin ~ Just A Moment Ago You Were So Active …Totally Present… Just Right There Just A Moment Ago We Were So Happy …Completely Complete… Life Felt Fair Just A Moment Ago Seems An Eternity Past …Living Life… Time Without Care This week, we’ve been talking about how …

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Ambient Ache

~ Ambient Ache ~ 2/12/23~ Kevin ~ There’s A Feeling I Have Can’t Quite Pin It Down Always In The Back Of My Mind An Ambient Ache A Constant Present Reminder Of What’s Missing We were talking this week about the ache that’s always in the back of our minds. Not the heart-wrenching goodbye ache …

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