Sunday Posts

These are the weekly emails, quotes, and pictures we create for our Sunday groups.

No Words

~ No Words ~ 12/3/23~ Kevin ~ When There Are No Words To Be Said And Nothing To Do I’ll Meet You Where You Are We’ll Sit There In Silence Together Until We’re Through This week we were talking about what to do to help support a friend or loved one who has had a …

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Your Snore

~ Your Snore ~ 11/26/23~ Kevin ~ I Miss Your Snore That Rhythmic Breathing Lulling Me To Sleep Then Your Random Sighing… Exhaling…Like A Whale Surfacing Waking Me Up To Say “You Are Protected Comforted And Loved. Now, Let’s Go To Bed.” This week we were talking about how comforting it was to hear all …

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Soul Mirror

~ Soul Mirror ~ 11/19/23~ Kevin ~ You Were My Soul Mirror Reflecting Back To Me What I Needed To See Without Words Or Language But By Your Actions And Eyes I Knew Who I Needed To Be This week we were talking about how much our pets taught us and reflected back to us …

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Falling Memories

~ Falling Memories ~ 10/8/23~ Kevin ~ I Watch As The Leaves Change Color And Fall To The Ground, As The Days Grow Shorter And The Nights Last Longer, And Wonder How To Keep You’re Memories Around This week we were talking about how everything is changing, along with the weather. Many of us struggle …

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~ Scars ~ 9/17/23~ Kevin ~ On My Arms On My Furniture On My Soul Pieces Of You That Never Fade Away This week we were talking about the scars and marks that remain after our pets leave us. Many of us now treasure those items and marks, regardless of how we felt at the …

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