Sunday Posts

These are the weekly emails, quotes, and pictures we create for our Sunday groups.

Tucked In

~ Tucked In ~ 10/23/22~ Kevin ~ As The Nights Grow Colder, I Think About Our Time Together Tucked In, Nice And Tight No Where Else I’d Rather Be Now, At The Very Least I Can Still Keep You Close Tucked In, Nice And Tight Hidden Away In A Spot No One Else Can See …

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Autumn Gold

~ Autumn Gold ~ 10/16/22~ Kevin ~ The Season’s Changed, Yet Again The Air Grows Cold, Bitter, And Thin I Remember When Last The Leaves Turned Gold Watching You Slow Down, Turn Gray, And Grow Old 7 to 1 Is The Ratio, Or So I’m Told No Matter The Years, Love Still Holds In Fact, …

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Quiet Bond

~ Quiet Bond ~ 10/10/22~ Kevin ~ This Quiet Bond We Had Or Have I Should Say Is Everywhere Still … Yet Nowhere Just Part Of Air We were talking this week about continuing bonds; all the ways we still keep our loved ones close in our lives. I like to call them Quiet Bonds. …

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~ Insta-Purr ~ 10/02/22~ Kevin ~ Found You In The Back That Day But I Wasn’t Totally Sure Until I Held You In My Hands And You Insta-Purred But It Didn’t Take You Long For You To Be Sure Something Must’ve Stirred For The Second Skin Met Fur You Insta-Purred This week we’ve been talking …

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Who Picked Who

~ Who Picked Who ~ (A Dog’s Perspective) 9/18/22~ Kevin ~ I Knew It Was A Special Day Something Different In The Air I Knew Things We’re Changing For Me I Was Getting Outta There Then I Felt Your Presence Walking From The Door Did You Know I Picked You? You Couldn’t Resist My Cute …

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Visiting Hours

~ Visiting Hours ~ 9/11/22~ Kevin ~ If The Rainbow Bridge Had Visiting Hours I’d Be There Everyday I Bet You’d Be There Too Waiting On Me To Play Oh They Fun We’d Have Revisiting Memories Of Ours With New Youthful Powers If Only That Bridge Had Visiting Hours. ( p.s. – I’d sneak in …

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