Support Group Guidelines

Rules we all follow for respect and privacy.

Program Guidelines

Some members and returning guests will recognize each other. Great! We encourage everyone to get to know one another. This is how we build our community. Only PetCloud Members have access to the advanced, special topics, and activity breakout rooms throughout the meeting. Guests remain in the main room. 


Privacy & Confidentiality

  • Never share any personal information about what is shared within groups. This is the foundation of privacy and trust that allows us to share openly.
  • Never record (by any means) any part of these groups. This includes video, audio, screenshots, photos, and any other means of recording. Anything typed in the chatbox within the meeting is okay to copy. 
  • Never share the names of participants in our groups. This is a private and safe environment, and many members don't want their participation public. 
  • Never share any private information over the phone, in groups, or in the chatbox. If you'd like to be connected with a member, let your group facilitators know and they will connect you.
  • We will not share your personal information with anyone without your consent. 


Group Etiquette

The opinions expressed by facilitators and participants are their own and do not necessarily reflect the views of PetCloud. Guests, facilitators, and members are welcome to share openly and freely about their views provided that we follow some basic guidelines:

  • Allow the Facilitator to guide and direct the flow of the group. We try to allow time for everyone to share, so if the facilitator cuts you off or changes the subject, let that be okay. It's nothing personal and you are still able to chime in more if you have something to add.
  • Allow every member the opportunity to participate and be heard. If you have shared before in previous groups, please allow others and first time guests the opportunity to share.
  • While someone is sharing, allow them the space and time to get out what they're trying to say. Crosstalk is allowed (and encouraged); however, let them share beforehand.
  • Allow for silence in the room. Silence, being still, allows us time to think and reflect on what has been said. It's not unusual to have a minute or more where nobody is talking. If you have something to say, say it; however, don't feel you have to talk to fill an uncomfortable void. 
  • Refrain from Giving Advice. It's okay to share our experiences, what has worked for us personally, but essentially any comment that starts with "You should" doesn't need to be said. Like we're fond of saying, "Don't should on your friends".
  • Life presents us with challenging issues, and we might not always agree. Please be thoughtful when discussing sensitive topics like euthanasia, surrendering pets, and veterinary care. Everyone’s opinion is valuable and must be respected in all groups. We all have different situations and have made different choices based on what we knew and the resources we had. 
  • Proselytizing, arguing, criticizing, directing hurtful or disrespectful remarks, and provocative comments at any member is forbidden. The facilitator will give one warning (openly or in a private message) and remove you from the group if it happens again.


Zoom Etiquette

  • Please mute yourself if you have a lot of background noise (kids, pets, lawnmowers, etc.). 
  • The facilitator has ultimate control over muting audio and video of guests. We mute people for many reasons, including background noise and feedback. If the facilitator mutes you, don't worry. You can always unmute yourself later or when you have something to add.
  • Video is optional. Many people don't feel comfortable on video in this type of group, and that is okay. 
  • Remember to be appropriately dressed if using video. Please be aware that everything in your background will also be on video. Remove anything that you don't want to be seen.