Aftercare Resources

Aftercare Resources

There are many aftercare options available.

For all types of people and budgets.

The traditional method of burial is to wrap the body in a shroud or a favorite blanket, and bury them at least 3 feet deep, then cover the site with stones to prevent animals from scavenging. Check with your local municipality first, because burial is not always permitted by law.

Cremation is the most common method because most people don’t have property to be able to bury their pet. There are three different types of cremation:
      $    Mass Cremation - Many pets are cremated together and their cremains are mixed together.
   $$    Individual Cremation - Your pet is cremated alone and the cremains are only those of your pet.
$$$    Witnessed Cremation - You witness the entire cremation process.


Aquamation is like cremation, except instead of burning the body, an eco- friendly chemical bath is used to dissolve the organic material. The cremains returned are identical to those of the cremation process.

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