What To Expect During The Procedure

What to expect during the procedure.

The process of euthanasia is designed to be as painless and comfortable as possible for both you and your pet.

Generally, the process begins by starting a catheter to make it easier and painless to deliver the two euthanasia drugs. There can be some mild discomfort during the initial catheter, but it quickly goes away.

  1. The first injection is a profound sedative to produce complete anesthesia and calmness. There is no thought, no sensation, and no movement after- wards.
  2. The second injection is a Pentobarbital solution designed to stop the heart. Within just a few seconds, their breathing will slow down, then stop. Cardiac arrest will follow, resulting in death.

After they have passed away, there may be some reflexive muscle movements, a couple of last big breaths, and their bowels might release as the body relaxes, but these are all part of the process and very normal and natural.

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