Your Decision

Your Decision

Because tomorrow isn't guaranteed,
lead with love today.

Never let your love be in doubt.

Only you have the power and authority to make this decision for your pet. Nobody else has that right. This is your burden and your responsibility. This is the contract that we enter into with our pets: That we will not let them needlessly suffer.

This decision is not easy. For many people, this will be the hardest decision that they’ll ever have to make. We all secretly hope that we won’t have to make this decision for them. We hope that they’ll pass peacefully and quietly in their sleep or at home, but that’s not always the case. Sometimes, that choice is ours to make.
There is nothing that can make this easy or painless. But, there are things that we can do to lighten the burden and be more present and grateful for the time that we have.

This guide is designed to help in the coming weeks:
✔   To navigate the end of life stages for your beloved pet,
✔   To be used as a tool to reduce suffering,
✔   To plan these upcoming intense emotional experiences,
✔   To create a meaningful end-of-life experience,
✔   To bring you into the present, and
✔   To gently remind you to enjoy the precious time together that you have, right now.

We have included an activity and chart to help you monitor your pet’s decline in health, and other information to help plan and prepare for the euthanasia process, aftercare options, and memorabilia. Most importantly, we have information on living and being present now to enjoy the time you have remaining together.

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