Individual Support Programs

Personal and Private Grief Support for the Loss of a Pet

Grief Support In a Private Video Chatroom

Talk One-on-One In A Private Video Chatroom

Open-to-the-public and group support sessions don’t work for everyone. If you prefer the privacy and direction of a private session, our Pet-Loss & Bereavement Counselors are here to help.

Journey through your grief and recovery with the help and guidance of an expert Pet-Loss & Bereavement Counselor. One-on-One Counseling is a bit more hands-on in that there are personalized take-home assignments designed specifically for your grieving needs and individual recovery.

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Private Grief Support Session

This short 30-minute private counseling session best suited for those that already have a good handle on their grief recovery.

New grievers are recommended to the 60/90 minute sessions.


Private Grief Support Session

This 60-minute counseling session is your chance to really release your grief, frustrations, and work through your guilt in a private and comfortable setting.


Private Grief Support Session

This 90-minute private session will really give you the time to delve into whatever is on your heart and mind from week to week.

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What to Expect

If you’ve seen a therapist or psychiatrist in the past, you have the basic understanding of a One-on-One Pet Grief support session. We recommend starting your sessions with an open mind.

Be ready to openly share and listen. This is your time to share whatever is on your heart and mind in a safe, comfortable, and judgement free environment.