Lost & Missing Pet
Support Group

Support for those whose pets have gone missing. 

Special PetCloud Grief Groups

Work through this special type of grief with others who are also suffering this unique loss. When our pet goes missing, it is an especially hard loss because we never get closure. We're always left wondering what happened, where they could be, and how long do I keep looking and putting myself through this grief?

You are not alone in how you're feeling. These groups are different from our weekly Sunday Support Groups but similar to our PetCloud Membership in that it's a no commitment monthly charge. However, this group is different because we meet once a week to talk specifically about what to do to help find our lost pets, how to cope with the grief and uncertainty, and to support one another as we all are searching for lost family members. Every Monday, from 6:00pm - 7:00pm PST, we'll meet to:

  • Discuss what we've done.
  • Discuss what we're doing.
  • Support each other as we search.
  • Talk about ways to control our anxiety and take care of ourselves.
  • Learn about grief and ways to express this grief without giving up hope.

With this special membership, you automatically have a regular PetCloud membership, so you can join us every day throughout the week to talk about how you're doing. If you'd like to join us but can't make this time, let us know and we can find something that will work with your schedule.

Grief shared is grief lessened.

In deep grief, especially this unique grief, there is seldom better comfort than the companionship of others who understand loss and sadness. It is such a comfort and blessing to know that we don’t have to grieve alone.

Join us.
Find the support you've been searching for.

Lost & Missing Pet Support Group Registration
You only need to register one time; once you're in our system we can talk about whatever other services you'd be interested in to help on your journey.
Let us know a good time(s) to call/text. We generally respond 9am - 9pm PST.
If 'Other', please let us know! We'd love to say thank you to whomever referred you to us.