Online Memorial Ceremonies

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Free Online Community Memorial Ceremony

We're creating an Online Memorial Ceremony service now that's open for anyone who has lost a pet in the past year. We've now been in lockdown for over a year, and many of us have had many losses during that time. But we haven't had a chance to mourn those losses.


Come join us this coming Spring to share and experience this collective outpouring of grief and love that we have for our pets.


If you're interested, register or reach out today!


How To Ceremony Guide

Create And Officiate An Online Memorial Ceremony

I recently wrote a two part blog series on this topic that goes into greater detail on how to create a meaningful and well-run memorial ceremony for your loved one.

The foundation of a good online memorial is creating and sending out a proper invitation. Believe it or not, taking just a little time to prepare an agenda and answer some key questions will get you most of the way there.

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