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Ongoing Support and Community

Grief often feels like a lonely and isolating place, and there is no better tool than connecting and sharing with others. Betwen our Group Support Programs and our Sunday Support Groups, you will grow to know the people in the groups that you see every week.

There is real power in these groups and our community. The relationships we have built over the past few weeks don't have to end when our program does. Many of us would like to continue to show up for one another over the coming months.

Because, as we've learned, there is no finish line for grief. Grief takes time, energy, and community. That's why we have our PetCloud Membership. To keep showing up for ourselves, and those that we've grown to care for.

Benefits of a PetCloud Membership


Build a connection with people around the world who love their pets as much as you do.


Listen and share with a community of people going through a similar loss in their life.


Share personal details of your loss in confidence, with people who truly understand the grief that comes from the loss of a pet.


Learn from the experiences of others. What works? What doesn’t work? This is your chance to talk about your daily struggle with loss.


All members are provided the opportunity to speak and share what is on their heart. Talk about what is on your heart and mind.


Learn about grief, how it affects you and those around you, and learn how you can better support others in your life who are also suffering.


Learn about grief, how it affects you and those around you, and learn how you can better support others in your life who are also suffering.

Join us.
Find the constant support you've been searching for.

PetCloud Membership Features

Personalized Support

Everyone is different; every grief journey is unique. We will work together on your journey to find what you need and help you through.

Personalized Activities & Exercises

Your journey through grief is going to require work. We use many different tools to help you through your grief depending on your needs. The more you put into the program (and your recovery), the more benefit you will find in it.

Evening Grief Support Check-Ins

Monday - Friday

2:30pm & 5:30pm Pacific

(5:30pm & 8:30pm Eastern)


These are 30-minute sessions that are designed to be a short check-in for members only. Let us know how you're feeling, how your assignments are going; ask anything that's on your mind or in your heart. It's your chance to feel heard, validated, and supported throughout the week.

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PetCloud Membership

Ongoing Support and Community


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What Other People Are Saying

Kevin, what a gift your groups are and a service you are to pet grievers. The honesty and trust you afford us is a way to love our pets and soften the grief.  Thank you for your gifts.
Mary & Mickey
Daytona, Florida

Thank you Kevin for all you do.  I'm usually the goto person for other’s pain. But it’s lonely at the top.

Most wonderful people I know in the present time are clueless and speechless at my sorrow.  I was blessed with and equal dose of vulnerability and fortitude,  but I've being devoid of people friends, relationship, family that can whether my feelings without denying or hosing them down.  

That being said. I do deeply appreciate your work and the group.  I can emote joy, sadness, anger and ... Thank you!

Edwardo & Flaco Bello
Mexico City, Mexico

Thanks, Kevin.  You are amazing and I thank you for the work that you do.


Jane & Toodle
United States

I just wanted to let you know that I so appreciated your pet grief support group.  It helped me heal from the loss of Jenny-Sun so that I could find a new dog to love.

I adopted Milo from California GSP Rescue on January 1!  He is a perfect fit for me and we are so happy together. 😊  We snuggle a lot!  I am working on fattening him up!  

Thank you again.  Wishing you a wonderful 2022 with the loving companionship of Ponce and big sheepdog (sorry, I forgot the name).

Alice & Jenny-Sun
United States

Although it didn’t lessen my grief, knowing others felt the same and understood did give some comfort. 


Michelle & Maggie
California, U.S.

Shayna and I are eternally grateful that we found you. Without you I would have dealt so differently with my grief. Perhaps died.

I am still sad but I no longer wish to die or live without Shayna. I must go on and honor Shayna's memory so that I can love and be loved by another fur-baby or adult that needs my love and care.


Fern & Shayna
California, U.S.

I am so glad I connected with Kevin when I did after suddenly losing my dog Jacques in a freak accident. I was unable to function after such a devastating loss, and our work together helped me gain a larger perspective on the incident and stop blaming myself.

The hands on activities and writing prompts really made me evaluate my relationship with Jacques and come to the realization that his passing was just a small part of our wonderful time together. While I am still saddened by the unexpected loss of Jacques, I have come to accept it and cherish the many happy moments and memories we did have together.

Natasha & Jacques
California, U.S.

I don’t believe in angels and yet it feels like the right word for what you’ve been to me since Dusty died.

Ian & Dusty
San Francisco, California

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