The ability to self-clean and do self-care is so important for our pets. If your pet is no longer able to clean themselves or control their bowels, it can quickly create additional issues in the house.

Incontinence is a big annoyance, and many people can feel guilty over the natural annoyance they have when they have to clean up accidents around the house. It’s important to realize here that your pet probably feels this stress as well.

For example, it’s very natural for an animal to not go to the bathroom where they sleep. If they can’t control this, you can also be sure that they’re not happy with the situation either.

Here are some questions:

✔   Is your pet still able to take care of themselves?
✔   Is their coat maintained, or is it greasy and matted?
✔   Are they incontinent? Do they often have accidents in the house?
✔   Do they have mouth or esophageal cancer? Pets with any kind of oral cancer can’t keep themselves clean so they can get demoralized very quickly.

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