Eating & Drinking

Eating and Drinking

There are a number of diseases and cancers that affect the ability and desire to eat and drink. If our pets are not eating and drinking, that opens up the door for a faster decline in health. Malnutrition is a slow declining road to starvation, and it’s very painful to watch.

If you have to give them appetite stimulants every day, hand-feed them, or “fight” with them to get them to eat anything at all, talk about other options with your veterinarian. Our bodies “know” when we are dying. They start shutting down naturally, and refusal of food can be an unfortunate signal of that.

Questions to ask:

✔   Are they eating and getting enough nutrition? Do they still enjoy their favorite foods?
✔   Are they losing weight? How much do they weigh compared to a month ago?
✔   Do they eat on their own? Do you have to hand feed them?
✔   Do they throw up or have trouble keeping food down after they eat?
✔   Are they able to chew or do they have difficulty swallowing?

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