End of Life Finances


What happens if we can’t afford treatment?

Finances are a sensitive but necessary topic to discuss. If we can’t afford it, sometimes, we really do have to consider euthanasia. We can attach so much shame and blame (to ourselves) about how and why we are in this situation. We may feel like we’ve failed our pet, failed at our duty to protect them by not being able to afford expensive treatments, but that isn’t true.

Your pet knows that you’re doing everything that you’re able to do. They know that you love them. Every single day that you have shown up for them you have shown that love to them. They trust you to make the choice that you have to make for them to keep them out of pain.

Lifestyle Questions:

✔   Can you afford the treatment?
✔   What is your personal “bottom line” with regard to maintaining your lifestyle?
✔   Are you preoccupied with treatments, with worry, with indecision?
✔   Are you taking care of yourself?
✔   How are you eating, sleeping, exercising, and engaging with others?
✔   Do you have the emotional and physical bandwidth to provide the ongoing care they need?

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