Happiness & Social Ability

Happiness and Social Ability

Are they still happy?

Do they still engage with family and enjoy life?

This is hard to objectively measure, but you know your pet best. Look out for unusual signs of disengagement and withdrawal. When our animals stop enjoying life, they start spending most of their time hiding or denning, or they are often defensive or aggressive when interacting with people or other pets, even long time friends and owners.

As one veterinarian put it,

“It’s a good sign as long as they’re purring or wagging their tail”.

Ask yourself:

✔   Has their mental state changed?
✔   Are they acting normally? Are they more aggressive?
✔   Do they still remember who you are?
✔   Do they respond to your presence when you enter a room or do they hide?
✔   Do they still want to play or do they seem withdrawn or depressed?

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