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Let’s take a minute to go over a few important things.

By agreeing and using our Grief Support Services, you’re agreeing to our terms and conditions. Which are meant to be straight forward and understandable. Watch our video below for more information, read our brief description here, or just agree and get started.

Basically, we have 3 main points to talk about:

  1. Terms & Conditions
    • Normal terms and conditions agreement.
    • Be human. Be polite. We’re all grieving and recovering at our own rates and in our own manner.
  2. Privacy Policy
    • Basically, we don’t share your info with anybody.
    • Don’t share anything personally identifiable in our public spaces.
    • Don’t share anything about what other members share in the meetings.
  3. Counseling Disclaimer & Guidelines
    • We are not accredited, not licensed therapists or psychologists. We are specifically trained in grief. As such, we don’t give out advice for mental health. We have a referral network of therapists to help further if needed.
    • You’re responsible for what you say and do while on our platform and website.
    • Don’t give out advice. Refrain from judgement, critisism.
    • There is no recording of the group sessions of any kind by any means. This includes, but is not limited to, screen recorders, screen shots, audio recordings, brain sharing implants, or any other means of preserving the meetings.
    • Read more about Safety & Guidelines here.

By submitting this form, you are agreeing to our Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, and our Counseling Terms.

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