An Amazing Soul

An Amazing Soul

~ An Amazing Soul ~

~ Kevin ~

Your Eyes Are A Portal
To An Amazing Soul
A Simple Gaze
Moves My Soul To
Intertwine With Yours

This week I took a picture of Inca's eyes, a cat I'm baby sitting, and those blue eyes are a window to view an amazing soul. It got me thinking of all the other times I've looked into an animals eyes and known there was something more there. Have you ever had that experience and connection with your pet?

Join us today if you'd like to talk and share about our amazing connection with our pets and around others who understand. If you can't, share a memory of them with someone you love.


Did you ever get lost in your pet's eyes? Have you ever had that experience where you're looking into their eyes and you just know, you just know, that there is something more going on behind those sparkly eyes? Let's spend a few minutes today thinking about there eyes and our special connection we had with them. Then write.

An Amazing Soul