Another Dream

Another Dream

~ Another Dream ~

~ Kevin ~

I Had Another Dream About You
Last Night
Where I Hugged & Kissed & Held
You Tight
If I Wish & Hope WIth All
My Might
Maybe Eternity Will Be
All Right

W've been talking this week about dreams and the power that they have. Many people want to have dreams about their loved ones, and do, but many also never seem to have these remembrance dreams. If you want to have a dream but cant, try getting into the habit of journaling right before bed, thinking about them (a specific happy memory), and ask for a dream. It may seem silly asking for a specific dream, but it's surprisingly effective.

Join us today if you'd like to share a bit about dreams, those you've lost, and just to be around others going through similar loss and pain. If you can't, find someone you love to share with.


What kind of dreams did your pet have? Did they move in their sleep? Did they snore or make noises? Did they fart in their sleep? Let's spend a few moments today thinking about how cute they were, sound asleep, without a care in the world, and remember that we gave them that comfort and piece of mind to sleep that soundly. Then write.

Another Dream