Any Assistance Needed?

Any Assistance Needed?

~ Any Assistance Needed? ~

~ Kevin ~

Your Furry Head Peaking
Room To Room Seeking
Finding Me Hidden Away
Making Sure I'm Okay

"Hello, I Love You"
Your Eyes Repeated
"Is Any Assistance Needed"?

We were talking this week about how our pets would follow us from room to room; wherever we went in the house, the followed. If we were watching a movie and got up to pee, the whole menagerie would follow right along into the bathroom. That's a different kind of intimacy and companionship that we don't have (or want!) with other humans. That kind of presence leaves a void when we say goodbye. It's okay to leave that void unfilled, raw, and painful as we work through this grief.

Join us today if you'd like to share the constant companionship of your beloveds and listen to the stories of others. If you can't, share a memory of them with someone you love.


Did your pet follow you from room to room? Did they follow you into the bathroom? Did it ever get on your nerves? Did you ever play hide-and-seek with your pet? Let's spend a few minutes today thinking about how our pets would (or would not) follow us around, just to be near. Then write. 

Any Assistance Needed?