At The End Of The Day

PetCloud - Sunday - 20230709 - At The End Of The Day

~ At The End Of The Day ~

~ Kevin ~

I Feel Like I'm Forgetting
How Much I Had To Say
And How Well You'd Listen
At The End Of The Day

We were talking this week about what we used to do with our pets at the end of the day. We all had different routines. For me, the conversation started immediately, with "omg, I missed you too. Now, who needs to potty?", followed by talking about a walk, dinner, bedtime, morning time, and the "I'll be back soon" work goodbyes. When all that conversation & routine goes away it increases loneliness. It can help to still have (or journal about) those conversations with them throughout the day. 

Join us today if you'd like to share your story and various conversations talk and be around others. If you can't, share a memory of them with someone you love.


What did you used to do at the end of the day? Did you talk with them a lot? Did they have a lot to say? How was decompressing with them everyday? Let's spend a few minutes remembering and dwelling in a few times over the years, then write. 

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