Best Bad Breath

Best Bad Breath

~ Best Bad Breath ~

~ Kevin ~

You Had The Best Bad Breath
Like Smelling Death
Traveling The Width & Breadth
Of My Morning Senses

We were talking this week about some of the things our pets did or the way they smelled in that not all those smells were pleasant. It's not like the smells were unpleasant, necessarily, but it was their scent. Uniquely their own smell.

Join us today if you'd like to talk and share about those special smells, talk how you're doing, and be around others who understand. If you can't, share a memory of them with someone you love.


Did your pet have good or bad breath? Did it vary? Did they have other scents that changed throughout the day/year? Let's spend a few minutes today remembering what they smelled like, what memories those smells produce for us, then write.

Best Bad Breath