Didn’t Ask Why

Didn't Ask Why

~ Didn’t Ask Why ~

~ Kevin ~

I Cried A Tear
You Licked It Dry
I Love That You
Didn't Ask Why

We were talking this week about how our pets would instinctively know when we weren't feeling the best and know just what to do to make us feel better. They didn't even need to ask why. How great it is to have someone who can just be there for us, without having to know what's wrong or how to fix it. Just be present. And furry.

Join us today if you'd like to share how our pets showed up for us everyday and listen to the stories of others. If you can't, share a memory of them with someone you love.


Did your pet always seem to know when you weren't feeling the best? When you had a bad day, did they react any differently? How did they accompany you throughout those bad days or time of your life? Let's think about that for a few minutes today, then write.

Didn't Ask Why