Down, Set, Hike

~ Down, Set, Hike ~

~ Kevin ~

Down you went.

Nothing to circumvent.
What you underwent,
I forever lament.

My life spiked.

I must have the wherewithal
To withstand that curtain's call.
So we're told,
But I wasn't set
To forever part with my greatest asset
Not prepared at all to deal with it.

Yet here I stand. Still.

Dreamlike, deathlike,
So far I must yet hike
Alone and dethroned,
Ghostlike, dreamlike
Now forever bemoaned.

My counterstrike unbeknown,
I swipe tears and groan,
And I go on.

I must make it to that end zone.

Today is Super Bowl Sunday. For some that means gathering together, grilling, and eating a not-so-small amount of food, while for others it just means another lonely Sunday without our loved ones.

If you have the chance, go spend it with friends and family; enjoy yourself. Maybe even allow ourselves to laugh at a commercial and ignore crypto ads. It's okay to be distracted. To let go of our grief.

Come join us otherwise.


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Weekly Journaling Prompt

What does Super Bowl Sunday mean to you? What kinds of things have you done historically today? Did you have any sportsball memories with your pets? Any tennis ball stories? What was there favorite sport to play or watch?