Drifting Away

Drifting Away

~ Drifting Away ~

Like letting go in the vacuum of space
And slowly drifting away...


It's seems you're gone longer
With every passing day.


No matter the space
I'm still just as close to you
As I was in the first place.

~ Kevin ~

I was watching a space show this week where one of the character's safety strap broke and they started floating away from the ship in deep space. That's how death and tragic loss can feel; like we're slowly drifting away from what we love, watching helpless, unable to claw our way back to our loss. 

Left uninterrupted, we drift apart for all eternity. 

Like space, grief can make us feel eternally separated from those we've been separated from. But with just a little help and work, we can focus on what we can still be close to. That love, those memories, all our experiences, they are still with us and they define who we are. 

Join us today if you'd like to grab onto something. 


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Weekly Journaling Prompt

In what ways will neither time nor distance separate us or diminish our love for those we've lost? Let's dwell on what we will always have with us to treasure.