Empty Stockings

Empty Stockings

~ Empty Stockings ~

Empty Stockings & Empty Hearts
Hang Heavy On Mantles

One Less Gift To Wrap
One Less Tree To Protect
Lights Sparkle Lesser So
Than They Did Just A Year Ago

No Gift Could Replace
The Furry Kindness Of Your Face
No Carols Exists
To Fill This Cheerless Space

The Greatest Gift Ever Received
Was Love Freely Given
From Me To You
You To Me
It Breaks My Heart
That It's Not Under The Tree


I hope you've had a peaceful week. Today I thought we could reflect just a bit on just how special our pets were to us. 

Also, I know holidays are tough when we've had a loss. It's hard to be holly & jolly when we are neither holly nor jolly, yet still have to pretend that we are. Come join us if you'd just like to be yourself; if you'd just like to bring your holiday emotions as they are. 

We have a special group on Christmas day, so if you'd like to hear stories and be around others, come join us: https://petcloud.pet/general/special-christmas-chatroom/

Lastly, if you've been to one of our chatrooms or have found value in PetCloud this year, please help us out by purchasing one of our special holiday greenscreen pictures. I put the links to all the fun designs I created; let me know which design(s) you'd like and I'd be happy to create one for you with your pet. See Below.

Come and share today if you'd like to be around others.

Weekly Journaling Prompt

Write about a calm, normal evening at home that you had during the holiday season years ago. Take a few moments and think back:

  • What was going on at the time?
  • What were we stressed about?
  • Are those things still important?
  • What did you two eat for dinner?
  • Did they join you on the couch at the end of the day to hang out?

Spend some time with this memory if you find it comforting.