Following The Sun

Following The Sun

~ Following The Sun ~

~ Kevin ~

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Legs A Kickin'
Goin' For A Run
Following The Sun

This week I saw a great picture that reminds me of watching an animal relaxed in a sunbeam. How they followed it from room to room. And just how relaxing it was watching them asleep and peaceful in their sunbeam.

Join us today if you'd like to share your sunbeam stories and be around other people who are going through this loss and pain. If you can't, find someone you love to share with.


Did your pet follow the sun across the house? Did they have a special spot that only got sun a certain part of the day? How peaceful did they look in their sleep? Were they warm to the touch? Let's spend a few moments today thinking on that, remembering their favorite sun spot, then write.

Following The Sun