Footprints In The Snow

Footprints in the Snow

~ Footprints In The Snow ~

"I'll join you papa" said his borough,
First time in the snow!
Here we go! My Big toe...
Wait? What?! No!
That's weird and strange. I gotta go.
You go on solo.

That's too cold for me!
Back in side, fast as can be,
To sit by the warmth of the glowing TV.


I love the imagery of the two paws in the snow above. It reminds me of the footprints that our pets leave all across our lives and hearts. Wherever they went, their footprints still remain in our thoughts and memories. 

Join us today to talk about the footprints that are still ever present in our lives.

Weekly Journaling Prompt

Write about the footprints they left in your life. How are they still present in your life and thoughts?