Going Through The Motions

~ Going Through The Motions ~

~ Kevin ~

I'm Going Through The Motions
Just To Get Through The Day
Somehow Pretending
One Day It'll Be Okay

The Thing About These Motions
That's Harder Than I Fear
I'll Be Missing You Far Longer
Than You Were Ever Here

Going through the motions is sometimes the only thing we can do. Especially at the beginning. The motions of getting up, making ourselves eat, going to work, coming home, and somehow finding sleep at the end of our days, aka the bare necessities of life, are enough. Just making it through the day is enough. If we let it be. 

The motions do get better, although we never stop missing and loving, we can get to a place of peace wherein we don't feel the tremendous pain of parting and overwhelming sadness day-to-day, hour-to-hour. 

Join us today if you'd like to go through the motions or just be around others who have lost and feel the sadness like we do. If you can't, find someone you love to share with. 


It's funny how we don't always realize the motions of life when we're in the thick of it. Let's think about a time when we were just going through the motions of a regular day. Nothing special about the day, just a regular normal day of motions with our pets and busy lives. How did they fit into our lives? Spend a few minutes remembering your daily motions together, then write.

Going Through The Motions