How Are You Today?

How Are You Today?

~ How Are You Today? ~

~ Kevin ~

"How Are You Today?"
"Oh, I'm Okay."
I Say,
But Really
I'm Just Here Today
Just Existing Nowadays

This week we were talking about those days where we are numb, tired, burnt out, and exhausted, but where we still have to show up to work and for other activities of daily life. Just existing, somedays. What would it be like to be able to tell everyone how we feel and let it be okay to not be okay? How would that change the way we interact with each other?

Join us if you'd like to share about your week and be around others. If you can't, write about your memory and share it someone you love.


The phrase, "It's okay not to be okay", is a wonderful way of being around those who are grieving. This week, let's think back to a time where we weren't okay, and our pet was just there, to let it be okay to not be okay. Let's dwell in that comfort for a few minutes. Then write.

How Are You Today?