If All I Did Today Was Breathe

~ If All I Did Today Was Breathe ~

~ Kevin ~

If All I Did Today Was Breathe
—-Could I Let That Be Okay?—-
Could It Be Enough
That I Even Got Out Of Bed Today
To Start Another Day
Without You?

Even in a new year, sometimes our grief stays put. It's important to remember to be mindful of our bodies during this time too; grief is hard work. It's hard on our body, mind, and soul. Let's allow ourselves to rest if we need and let it be okay to do nothing but breathe all day if that's what we need. 

So, for today, let's remember a time, maybe years ago now, where we sat around all day with our beloveds...just breathing and doing nothing of real importance but being with each other in that moment. 

Join us if you'd like to share your memory with others today. If you can't, write about your memory or share it someone you love. 


Did you ever have a day where you just sat around all day and did nothing at all with your pet? Maybe it was a cold rainy/snowy day, maybe it was a lazy summer weekend, maybe it was a "sick" day that we took to spend time at home. Let's spend a moment remembering and reliving that moment. Then write.

If All I Did Today Was Breathe