If I Could Talk To You

If I Could Talk To You

~ If I Could Talk To You ~

~ Kevin ~

If You Suddenly Appeared
And Your Talk Became Clear,
What Would You Tell Me My Dear?
What Would I Hear?
What Would You Volunteer
If You Could Whisper In My Ear?

This week we've been talking a lot about all the things our pets would say to us if they could. What would they say to you? Would they forgive for everything that happened? What would they think about where we are now? Oftentimes, what we tell ourselves is unfair; far worse than what anyone else in our lives would ever suggest, much less what our pets would tell us. Many of us already know just how forgiving our pets can be. So, what would they say to us?

Join us today if you'd like to share your memories, what our pets would say to us, and be around other people who are going through this loss and pain. If you can't, find someone you love to share with.


If your pet was suddenly able to speak to you in a way that both of you completely understood everything, what would they say? What would you hear? Would they forgive? Would they still love you sincere? Let's spend a few minutes imaging that reality, what they would authentically say to us, then write.

If I Could Talk To You