Memorial Day, 2021

Memorial Day Post - 2021

Memorial Day - 2021

Like in past years, on certain holidays I like to highlight different losses. This week is Memorial Day weekend, which means something very different for those who have been in the service. When they come back, oftentimes our veterans have an emotional support dog that is assigned for cases of PTSD and trauma. This kind of gentle companionship and support is hard to say goodbye to, especially when we also depend on them for our own mental well-being. 

This week let's honor those pets in our lives who have been there for us every single day. Those who've supported us in past grief and life hardships and those who have asked for nothing but love and companionship in return. Okay, perhaps food & treats but you get the point. 

Today, let's share stories of support, companionship, and love we've shared with those we've lost, but most importantly, let's come together to honor and acknowledge our grief. I hope to see you soon.

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