My Snowflake

My Snowflake

~ My Snowflake ~

I hope you've had a peaceful week. Today I thought we could reflect just a bit on just how special our pets were to us. 

Also, I know holidays are tough when we've had a loss. It's hard to be holly & jolly when we are neither holly nor jolly, yet still have to pretend that we are. Come join us if you'd just like to be yourself; if you'd just like to bring your holiday emotions as they are. 

Lastly, I finished up our holiday portraits, and I've created a way to purchase them! I'm still uploading designs, but if you'd like to buy a photo to say thanks and help us out, I'll put our two links below! Let me know which designs you'd like and I'd be happy to send them your way. 

Come and share today if you'd like to be around others. I'll put our links below. 


Weekly Journaling Prompt

Write about how uniquely special your pet was to you. What things did they do that only they did?

How were they different from anyone else?