Never Say Never

Never Say Never

~ Never Say Never ~

~ Kevin ~

Never Say Never
As The Saying Goes
But As Everyone Knows
There Will Never
Be Another
Like You Ever
Never Never

We were talking this week about how unique our pets are and how unique our relationship with them is. A love and experience like no other. As such, we have a right to feel however we need to feel in this moment, wherever we are in our journey. Whether that's gratitude & joyful memories in this moment or sadness & grief, let's find time to remember just how special they are to us.

Join us today if you'd like to share about your special relationships, talk how you're doing, and be around others who understand. If you can't, share a memory of them with someone you love.


What were the things that made them unique? How was your relationship special and unlike any other relationship in your life? Let's spend a few minutes thinking about our time together and everything we experienced together. Then write.

Never Say Never