No Words

No Words

~ No Words ~

~ Kevin ~

When There Are No Words
To Be Said And Nothing To Do
I'll Meet You Where You Are
We'll Sit There In Silence
Together Until We're Through

This week we were talking about what to do to help support a friend or loved one who has had a loss or going through a tough time. What do we say when there are no words to be said? Sometimes, in fact many times, the only thing we can do is be present with our friend and say nothing at all. Just sit with them and accompany them throughout; it's good to know we're not alone when life throws us tragedy.

Join us if you'd like to talk and share about your soul buddies and to be around others. If you can't, write about your memory and share it someone you love.


Did your pet ever accompany you at the end of a long, terrible day? How did they comfort you without words? Let's spend a few minutes today thinking about how much comfort they brought to our lives, just by being present. Then write.

No Words