Putting Things Away

~ Putting Things Away ~

~ Kevin ~

I Put Your Favorite Blanket Away Today.

Folded Nice and Neat,
Now Snuggled Inside A Bag,
Inside A Box, Inside My Closet,
Far Away From The Vent.

Tucked Away For Now.

Perhaps One Day,
After Griefs Lament,
I Could Reopen That Bag,
To Be Reminded Of Your Scent.

It's amazing how much those little toys, food bowls, blankets, and their favorite things suddenly mean to us when they are gone. Anything that reminds us of them in fact.

  • Do you have a favorite item of theirs that means something special to you?
  • What did you do with it? 

Come join us today if you'd like to talk about that or anything else on your mind.

Weekly Journaling Prompt

If you could store any scent of theirs, what would it be? Would it be a pleasant smell? What would it remind you of? Alternatively, if you could never smell a smell again from them, what would that situation be? 

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